How Does Our
Technology Work?

PREVENT venous clots. DETECT abnormal clot
biomarkers. ALERT the healthcare team.

How It Works


Prevent venous clots by external stimulation of calf muscles.


Detect abnormal biomarker patterns that predict venous clot


Alert the healthcare provider for further management.

Our Products

The VenaCheck and PopCheck® Digital Platform.

The VenaCheck Device

Our single patient use AI-enabled remote monitoring wearable non-
invasively provides real-time patient data, earlier, to better manage
the development of venous clots and eliminate delays in care,
giving patient's back their piece of mind during the recovery process.

PopCheck® Digital Platform
For Patients

Designed with the needs of the surgical patient in mind,
the PopCheck® Mobile App allows patients to keep up with their
recovery, report and document concerning symptoms with their
providers and schedule provider-requested studies and
appointments from the convenience of their smart devices.

PopCheck® Digital Platform
For Providers

Tailored to meet the needs of patients during the postoperative
phase of care, our platform allows you to remain up to date with
your patient's recovery, in real time, signaling immediately with real
concerns for surgical complications such as venous clotting.
Coordinate care by requesting additional patient reported data to
enhance the clinical decision making process or creating orders
such as labs or imaging, provider consults and follow-up
appointments when needed, avoiding costly readmissions or
emergency room visits.