About Us

Postoperative care and monitoring for patients after surgery is often undervalued. However, It is during this time that most patients will experience complications and often after discharge from the hospital. Of these complications, one of the most common, potentially life-threatening yet preventable is the development of venous clots. At PopCheck Technologies, We are developing a novel device that will not only more efficiently prevent venous clots, but unlike any device before it, provide a means to predict the early development of clots using biomarker patterns of venous blood flow and thrombosis.

Our purpose: 

To save lives by preventing surgical complications before they occur. 

Our mission:

To create technology based on models of exceptional, safe, effective, equitable, and accessible care that enable patients to recover from surgical procedures, stress-free. 

CEO and Founder, Erika Dillard, MD, PhD

Dr. Erika Dillard received her MD/PhD from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center where she focused on the development and characterization of an oncolytic virus for the treatment of high-grade gliomas.  She then completed five years of neurosurgical training in Philadelphia where she witnessed first-hand how patient outcomes are greatly affected by factors outside of the actual performed procedure. Her combined research and clinical background coupled with a genuine concern for patient safety has led to her current focus, applying novel technologies to promote patient outcomes through improved postoperative care and monitoring of potential complications. As a postdoctoral fellow in the Patents-2-Products fellowship at the University of Memphis, Dr. Dillard is creating technology that will detect patterns of thrombotic biomarkers in order to predict early formation of venous clots. 

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